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Here are some suggestions of the types of events which would benefit from a close up magician

Mark's own brand of Strolling Magic can be used at many types of events to involve your guests, lightening the atmosphere and making them feel involved in what is happening.


If you are providing hospitality for important clients and/or equally important staff members, then Mark can help to break the ice and get people talking. The time that Mark is with each group relaxes them, and when Mark leaves the group, your staff will find it much easier to discuss business with your clients or each other.

"We recently held an informal event to launch the new brand of our business and to 'show off' our new offices. While the event was for business, it was informal and we wanted to ensure everyone had a good time. We'd met Mark several times in the past and felt his magic would be the perfect addition to the evening… and we were right! Having a strolling magician not only ensured everyone was entertained and had fun, but the interactive nature of Mark's magic helped to bring people together and build new networking connections. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone who wants to add an extra dimension to their event." Robin Mason, Elation Sales

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Both private and business, large and small, Mark will move unobtrusively from table to table or group to group uniting your guests in a sense of amazement at the magic happening right before their very eyes!

"Thanks for performing at our Awards Evening so entertainingly. The feedback I received was very positive and I think it added something magical to the evening. Your humorous, informal, yet professional performance certainly fitted the bill." Nigel Wilkinson, Exmouth Chamber Of Commerce

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Mark's magic can be used to create interest at your trade stand and to stop potential customers for you in a way that sales staff find far more difficult. Mark can also walk around the trade show floor away from your stand and approach people on your behalf using some quick, eye-catching magic which also promotes your company.

"My company, GWS Media, provides online marketing and having exhibited for many years I can confidently assert that there is no better way to stand out from your competitors than hiring Mark Leveridge to work his magic on your behalf. In the course of a recent exhibition, Mark gathered dozens of business cards which immediately translates into dozens of businesses that will now be receiving our online marketing; and, more important than this, he created a huge amount of goodwill and significantly improved awareness of our brand." Richard Graves, GWS Media

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Mark’s strolling magic is eminently suitable for charity events, and over the years Mark has used his magic to enhance occasions for charitable organisations both large and small. The versatility that Mark offers means he can seamlessly fit in with almost any type of occasion and help to relax and entertain the supporters who attend.

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Adult birthday parties, Summer Balls, private dinner parties, informal family get- togethers, outdoor events, Christmas socials, nearly any event can benefit from the quality magic that Mark can provide. Contact Mark now to find out how he could help you make your next event memorable.

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Mark Leveridge - Magician