The Three Key Elements To A Successful Wedding

Being a strolling magician for hire I get invited to entertain at lots of weddings each year and as a result I get to experience at first hand many different events in a variety of venues. This gives me a fairly unique overview of what makes a successful wedding as I get to see so many examples of both the good and the bad.

Nobody sets out to create a disastrous wedding day, and to be fair most celebrations pass off without too many dramas. But some are definitely more completely successful than others and in my view there are a number of reasons why.

The first thing is that a wedding day is essentially a showpiece event that has two completely different main aims. The first is to enable the bride and groom to actually get married in a memorable and exciting way and the second is provide an occasion that the invited guests will enjoy. Perhaps slightly oddly, these two goals are not necessarily achieved in the same way because what the happy couple want and need is not always the same as what the guests require.

Most weddings are devised, planned and organised by the bride and groom, and often mainly by the bride. It’s a day that is very bride-centric and what her fantasy is for her wedding day will define what happens and how. And if this is a first marriage, the experience that the bride-to-be has of organising such a big event will probably be limited. She may have been to a handful of friends’ weddings but this is no real preparation for the myriad of large and small decisions that will need to be made about the celebration, and so she will have to rely on the advice from the professionals that she hires, on her own preferences and on the ideas suggested by her close friends and family.

With all this in mind, it is perhaps not surprising that sometimes the bride loses sight of what her wedding will be like for her guests. I don’t mean the overall impression, but more the small details that can either make or break the celebration for those who are not in the bride or groom’s immediate family. These people have different needs and expectations, and if the wedding organisers can address these well, the celebration will be universally enjoyed.

So, I would break these particular requirements down into three main interlinked elements: food, timings and distractions.

Food – people have often travelled long distances to attend a wedding and they may have had to get up especially early or travel over times when they would normally be expecting to eat something. Wedding breakfasts are often timed for mid to late afternoon which could mean that some guests will not have eaten for many hours. This is not a comfortable or desirable situation and can be circumvented by ensuring that there are some substantial nibble/snacks available well before the meal itself.

Timings – organising the schedule for the day is key. Everything needs to be based on when the service itself finishes, but from then on careful choreographing of timings can help to prevent the guests from getting bored. You may wish to allow two hours for the official photos to be taken and for people to mix and mingle during the drinks reception, but this can seem an interminable time to some guests. Similarly, the gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and the evening dance/disco/band needs to be carefully managed to avoid long empty gaps. There are only so many drinks and so much small talk that the guests can cope with!

Distractions – given what I have just said about timings, providing suitable entertainment and distractions for periods when not much is happening for most of the guests is very advisable. Obviously the strolling magic that I perform at weddings provides an important service in that it creates something memorable and interesting during the potential lulls, but other things such as having a chocolate fountain on tap, or a string quartet playing, or a caricature artist, or a jumbo games area, or a sweets table etc, all provide much needed distractions for the guests and helps to ensure that everyone gets plenty of enjoyment from the occasion. If you are in need of a wedding magician in the South West then please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.


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