Unsung Heroes

I recently had the pleasure of presenting my strolling magic to the guests and supporters of the Bristol based children’s charity called the Jessie May Trust. The event, which took place on the top floor of the AXA Insurance building on the edge of the Bristol Downs, pulled together individuals, supporters and local businesses, as well as the fundraising and nursing staff from Jessie May itself, and was a combination of a ‘thank you’ to current supporters of the trust and a drive to encourage others to get involved.

As a Bristol magician I have been aware of, and on occasions helped through providing my magic, the Jessie May TrustĀ for a while, and I am full of admiration for what the Trust does. They provide help, nursing and support for families with children who have life limiting illnesses. What makes them unusual is that most of this work they provide in the homes of the families involved, and they offer physical aid to the children themselves as well as emotional support for the parents and wider family members.

I have known the charity’s chief executive Chris Roys for some years through our common membership of the local Business Network SW in Bristol, and have heard him talk on a number of occasions about the fantastic work that Jessie May does. With no central government funding, and needing to rely therefore on local financial contributions from companies and individuals chiefly in North Somerset, Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire, it’s amazing how they manage to provide such a fantastic service to many families affected by these tragic circumstances. The Trust really is full of unsung heroes.

If you want to find out more about the Jessie May Trust or you want to get involved in some capacity with the work that they do, then visit their website atĀ www.jessiemay.org.uk. After all, if they can find a use for a strolling magician like me, I’m sure they can harness your skills or benefit from your financial donations too!

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