The Luck Of The Draw

Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person? I think we all probably have a view on whether things generally work out for us or not, and I suspect it is more to do with a positive (or otherwise) mental attitude to life than it is to do with whether you are truly lucky or not.

Anyway, I have always thought of myself as being quite a lucky person, and I had an example of this luck recently when I was out one evening doing a show. The event was a 40th birthday party which was being held in a cafe, and because the venue was situated in a mainly pedestrianised street, I decided to park in a road around the back of the establishment and then walk the quarter of the mile to the cafe itself.

Because I was going to be entertaining, I was wearing my performance three piece suit in which I carry everything that I need to work my strolling magic at a mix and mingle event such as this. The suit was specially made to my specifications, and although there’s nothing ostensibly unusual about it, all the pockets and their positions in the suit have been arranged to help me to do my work.

About half way between my car and the venue I was walking along a small deserted back road which cut through to the high street. It was completely empty at that time of night as the road ran along the back of a number of offices. Suddenly I heard a loud shriek, and looking up I saw a seagull leap off one of the office rooftops, and plunge down towards me in a rapid swooping dive.

I immediately stopped walking and as the bird flew directly across my pathway I thought, “Oh no, he wouldn’t, would he?” Well, he would. A scattergun amount of bird poo was flung from the bird as he shot over me, and although I tried to jump back to get out of the way, it happened too fast and he was too accurate, and as a result my trousers received the full force of everything he had jettisoned, turning my performance suit into an unsightly mess.

I couldn’t believe that not only had the bird been so accurate but that it could also have bombed me with such a quantity! I didn’t know what to do because there was so much of it, and it was covering such large areas of both my trouser legs, that it was impossible to ignore. I had no tissues on me, and I just stood there, dripping.

Yet I considered myself to be really lucky, which given the circumstances you might find strange. I was very lucky because this incident happened AFTER the show as I was walking back to my car, and not BEFORE the show as I was walking to the venue!

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