The Dynamo Effect

As I go around entertaining with my strolling magic at events all over the South West, people who I meet love to chat about the magic that they have seen and enjoyed. One name that has been cropping up more than any other in recent years is that of TV magician Dynamo, who seems to have left quite an impression with many of those who have either caught his magic on the box or who have attended one of his live shows during his recent nationwide tour.

Magic on television does have certain problems, however. The more miraculous the tricks are that Dynamo is seen to do, the more the viewer tends to comment that it must all be done with camera tricks or highly selective editing. There is something about the medium of television which puts a barrier between you and the magic and as a result your scepticism is likely to be raised.

Nevertheless, people who I meet and who chat to me about Dynamo are fascinated by his amazing feats and they like to ask me whether I can make a borrowed mobile phone penetrate into a soft drinks bottle or whether I can walk out across the Thames! It’s almost as if I am being judged and evaluated alongside Dynamo! Of course, it is true that there are certain tricks which even he can only perform on television, while there are others that he can perform live, but the point is that all the magic that you see him do is his magic. In other words it is a selection of the tricks that he likes to perform, and no two magicians have the same repertoire.

So when I am asked whether I can do Dynamo’s magic, I always answer ‘no’, and then proceed to present the magic that I prefer to do. Dynamo probably wouldn’t choose my tricks any more than I would choose his. We both select what is best for the conditions that we work in and the audiences that we perform for.

The biggest benefit of having magic on the TV is that it makes the general public aware of the amazing things that magicians can do and it creates a desire to book entertainers on a more local level. That is why I get so much work in the Exeter to Bristol area, it’s because people like what they see Dynamo do and want someone to come along to their own event to create similarly astounding feats.

So the next time that you are having a special celebration or business event, don’t think Dynamo, think Mark Leveridge, and get your own live personal magician to attend!

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