Seaton Jurassic – The New South West Attraction

On Saturday 26th March 2016 at 10am the doors of a major new visitor attraction for the south west opened. Seaton Jurassic is an interactive exhibition which enables visitors to explore the secrets that the coastline around Seaton has to offer in terms of its Jurassic fossils and past creatures, and it is a wonderfully imaginative and interesting place to enjoy for all the family.

Seaton Jurrasic Pic

I was fortunate enough to be invited to go along on the launch morning to use my strolling magic to entertain the crowds as they waited in line to get in. Despite the bad weather that day, hundreds of people streamed to the venue and it was great to be able to entertain everyone from Grans to young children.

The venue also has a large cafe area and so I was also able to pop into there and provide some more fun and magic as visitors enjoyed a hot meal and drinks. With areas both inside and outside to explore, a gift shop and parking adjacent, Seaton Jurassic is clearly going to become a major tourist landmark in the south west, and I wish them every success as they progress throughout the summer.

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