Nobody Wants A Magician

If you happen to be the sort of person who really enjoys watching magic, it could just be that when some special occasion arises such as a wedding, a key family get together, or a special birthday perhaps, you might consider hiring a magician. However, the truth is, you don’t want a magician per se, what you really want is what that magician can provide to enhance your party or event.

It’s a bit like saying that nobody wants an electric drill. What they really want is the hole that it makes in the wall so that they can hang up that treasured picture frame or vital shelving. In other words, your motivation for getting a drill is more about what the drill will enable you to do, not the drill itself.

In some ways being a magician is similar. When I get booked to entertain, the host is hoping that my performance will amuse her guests, will cause amazement, conversation and comment and she hopes that it will make the occasion memorable for everyone who attends. So you could say that it is not me who she wants, it’s what I literally will ‘bring to the party’ that she’s after.

For some people magic is all about the method. No matter whether I am entertaining in The Imperial Hotel in Torquay, or Old Down Manor in Bristol, or in someone’s front room at home anywhere across the South West, there will always be one or two spectators for whom magic is simply a challenge or a puzzle to be solved, and the way that they get their pleasure from watching it, is by trying to work out how it is all done!

But most people are not usually so analytical. Magic has the power to transcend the normality of everyday life and to create a few moments that even as adults, we don’t usually experience. It returns us fleetingly in some ways to what it is like when we are children, when so much in the world is amazing and inexplicable, a state that we tend to lose as we grow up and as we become more aware of how the world works.

I would suggest that there aren’t many situations in an adult life that have the capacity to affect people on such a primitive level. Magic is all about making the impossible seem possible, and for those people who let themselves be taken along for the ride it can be a really fun experience, even though deep down we all know that what we are seeing cannot really be happening.

So if you are having a special event some time in the future, and you want to reach people and affect them in a way that transcends the norm, don’t just think that you are booking a magician, but understand that what you are really engaging is someone who can help you and your guests to experience something truly unusual, something that they will remember probably long after they have forgotten the name of the magician who created the amazement in the first place.

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  1. Tracie Serpa says:

    Yes, you are right. Magic is nowadays something related to a show but not a talent. Great article. Portland Magician

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