Creating The Right Atmosphere At Your Event

In the course of my work I get invited to entertain at an enormous variety of special occasions. Every single event is important in some way to the organisers, and they are naturally hoping that on the day everything will fall into place and that their guests will enjoy it all.

To that end the hosts will no doubt search long and hard for a suitable venue, will possibly spend money on having the place decorated in a festive way, will usually provide food and drink to satisfy the masses, and will tend to all the other myriad of small details that go to make up any social occasion.

But one element which I suspect is not normally considered, is atmosphere. Creating the right feel and ambience that is appropriate for the occasion can contribute massively to the success (or otherwise!) of the day, and yet it is arguably the hardest component to get just right.

So how do you create an atmosphere? Here are some suggestions.

The venue – book somewhere that is set in a place that is commensurate with the occasion. So, for an upmarket wedding you would be looking perhaps at country house hotels, for an informal one, a friendly pub with a nice garden.

Attire – make it clear on the invitations what the dress code is. If you are organising a fund raising dinner and you want to encourage people of the right type to attend, make the event a ball gown and dress suit affair, for instance. This creates a classy feel to the evening and puts people in the mood to support the cause.

Music – if the event is going to be attended by family members who may want to chat and catch up, make sure the background music encourages conversation and does not drown it out or make it difficult. If it’s a young crowd coming along, book a DJ who understands how to appeal to the younger set, otherwise your hopes for a dance floor full of happy young things might be dashed.

Entertainment – well, of course I would recommend booking a strolling magician such as myself. Magic is not ageist and so can fit in with any age demographic, it is amusing which creates laughter and a relaxed atmosphere, and it causes conversation – “how did he do that?” Having a strolling magician mixing and mingling amongst your guests can create a lovely atmosphere throughout the whole proceedings without needing to take over and dominate the event.

A good atmosphere does not just happen, I think it does take some work and needs a combination of the right things to come together on the day. By putting a little thought into it, you can help your next function to be a great success.

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