The Dynamo Effect

As I go around entertaining with my strolling magic at events all over the South West, people who I meet love to chat about the magic that they have seen and enjoyed. One name that has been cropping up more than any other in recent years is that of TV magician Dynamo, who seems to have left quite an impression with many of those who have either caught his magic on the box or who have attended one of his live shows during his recent nationwide tour. Continue reading

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The Three Key Elements To A Successful Wedding

Being a strolling magician for hire I get invited to entertain at lots of weddings each year and as a result I get to experience at first hand many different events in a variety of venues. This gives me a fairly unique overview of what makes a successful wedding as I get to see so many examples of both the good and the bad.

Nobody sets out to create a disastrous wedding day, and to be fair most celebrations pass off without too many dramas. But some are definitely more completely successful than others and in my view there are a number of reasons why. Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes

I recently had the pleasure of presenting my strolling magic to the guests and supporters of the Bristol based children’s charity called the Jessie May Trust. The event, which took place on the top floor of the AXA Insurance building on the edge of the Bristol Downs, pulled together individuals, supporters and local businesses, as well as the fundraising and nursing staff from Jessie May itself, and was a combination of a ‘thank you’ to current supporters of the trust and a drive to encourage others to get involved. Continue reading

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Seaton Jurassic – The New South West Attraction

On Saturday 26th March 2016 at 10am the doors of a major new visitor attraction for the south west opened. Seaton Jurassic is an interactive exhibition which enables visitors to explore the secrets that the coastline around Seaton has to offer in terms of its Jurassic fossils and past creatures, and it is a wonderfully imaginative and interesting place to enjoy for all the family. Continue reading

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Magic’s Not Just Pulling Rabbits Out Of Hats

When you think of magic, naturally enough you probably think straight away of parties, dinners and generally of entertainment. And of course, the vast majority of the work that performers such as myself get involved in centres on using magic as an entertaining spectacle. But magic can be hugely useful in other less obvious ways too, as I will now explain. Continue reading

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