Magic’s Not Just Pulling Rabbits Out Of Hats

When you think of magic, naturally enough you probably think straight away of parties, dinners and generally of entertainment. And of course, the vast majority of the work that performers such as myself get involved in centres on using magic as an entertaining spectacle. But magic can be hugely useful in other less obvious ways too, as I will now explain.

Business Promotion. These days the world of business is particularly competitive, and companies are for ever searching for anything that can give them an edge over their rivals. Companies which attend trade exhibitions, for example, may suffer if they don’t put a little thought into making their display stand/company/product different from all the others sited in the same exhibition space.

I am a corporate magician and use my magic skills to help companies to raise their profile, to attract new custom, to gather contacts and business leads and to make them simply more memorable. If magic is harnessed in the right way it can make a marked difference to the success of the event and I have had great success in helping businesses both large and small to achieve that difference.

Team Building. Forward thinking companies like to keep their staff engaged and motivated by offering activity days which bring the staff together outside the normal office environment and present them with a series of fun challenges and tasks. Magic can be used as one of these tasks as I offer special workshops which can be used to help groups of employees to have a go at trying to learn and master some magic skills.

The great thing about using magic for this type of team building is that it is not ageist or sexist. Some of the sporting activities offered for team building are more suitable for younger staff, or are of more interest to men in some cases, women in others. But magic crosses the divide as it is something that can be fascinating to anyone of any age. Learning some magic skills and then having to try and stand up and present a trick in front of the others is a fun and quite challenging task, and so it can be a valuable team building tool.

Confidence Creation. Some young people suffer from a lack of self confidence. They may be shy and find it difficult to relate to others even in their peer group. Learning some magic can be a huge help in this regard because it teaches youngsters a skill that when they demonstrate it to others, they receive respect and admiration for, which is really important for their feelings of self esteem.

The Beginner Magic Workshops that I run at the Mark Leveridge Magic Academy in Exeter are designed for small group tuition of magic skills, and in a supportive and fun atmosphere, youngsters aged 10 and over can learn and practise magic skills that will establish them with their peers as someone who has something special about them. I know that I used magic to overcome my own personal shyness when I was a kid and so I fully appreciate its power. (Go to for info about the next Beginner Magic Workshops for juniors and also for adults)

So, as you can see magic really is a powerful vehicle for all sorts of different purposes and is therefore so much more than just pulling rabbits out of hats!

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