Getting The Customer Experience Right

Lights! Camera! Action! With studied concentration, yet attempting to look relaxed and natural, I looked straight into the camera lens and started to speak, following the words as they scrolled at an even pace on the auto cue in front of me. Don’t laugh, don’t trip over your words, smile, pause in the right places for emphasis, and try to make sense!

This was my experience recently when I took part in an initiative organised by Exeter based video production company Bitpod. For some while now owner Alex Wren has been getting local business people from the South West to come into his studio in central Exeter to record short business messages on a wide range of interesting topics.

Called In A Nutshell, the videos are intended as bite size information segments which tap into local expertise, and I was able to present one of these a short while ago entitled ‘Getting The Customer Experience Right‘.

Actually I regularly produce video content for my own magic customers, so luckily I am very used to sitting in front of a camera and having to present on a topic. But normally I am having to produce all this myself, whereas this was in Bitpod’s custom made recording studio, and I found the whole experience really interesting to be involved with.

In A Nutshell is a wonderful example of a business taking time to do something that in one way is altruistic, but at the same time is providing a showcase for the sort of quality service that they can provide. Alex and his team at Bitpod are to be congratulated on a really good idea and I certainly enjoyed the experience with them.

If you would like to watch my contribution, just click the title link above, and if you fancy getting involved with In A Nutshell, then you should contact Sally Newell at Bitpod on as they are always on the look out for new people who have about two minutes worth of something interesting to say.

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  1. Alex Wren says:

    Thanks for your kind comments Mark and for contributing to the In a Nutshell project.

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